Crackers, Garlic and Herb 12/3.5oz

Try these delicious Garlic & Herb Crackers with anything from goat cheese and soft-ripened cheeses to marinated salmon, sliced mushrooms or fine meats. These little bite sized waffle crackers might be the perfect cracker! Light enough to not overpower your topping, but just the right thickness to not fall apart while you dress it with your favorite spread. For 16 years, Trésors Gourmands has been producing Northern France’s distinctive waffle-style crackers.

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About Tresors Gourmands

Tresors Gourmands

The perfect companion to your soft cheeses and your most spreadable spreads, these little waffle-style crackers from Tresors Gourmands are our new favorites! They’re made in Erquinghem-Lys, in the very center of what’s called French Flanders, a region rich in history and tradition — and famous for this style of waffle crackers. Fine and crisp, these are light yet strong enough to pair with your cheeses, smoked salmon, charcuterie and pates.

Ingredients Wheat flour rapeseed oil, salt, raising agent : potassium tartratres, sodium carbonates, garlic powder 0,3%, chives 0,2%
Product Type Dry
Country of Origin France
Farm Name
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