Prosciutto, Sliced, Mitica 10/3oz

The best known of Italy’s vast array of cured meats, Prosciutto is a mainstay of Italian cuisine. This slow-cured ham is all natural and minimally processed, made with just pork, salt, air, and time. Our producer selects legs from pigs raised in Europe. This product is aged a minimum of 400 days and is sliced and packaged in the U.S. Considering its high quality and exceptional flavor, it is an excellent value.

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About Mitica


Forever Cheese and Mitica® are not one and the same, though they are closely related. Forever Cheese is our company name and Mitica® is our brand. Over the years, we have chosen specific cheeses and dry goods to represent Mitica® but we do carry other brands that aren’t our own to add some variety.

Once our company was established in 1998 and Michele and Pierluigi chose the name Forever Cheese, we soon started moving beyond just cheese and expanding into the whole specialty food department. In order to unify these products with our cheese under one brand, we launched the Mitica® brand in 2003. Mitica is a Latin word meaning “mythic” that’s also used in Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese. We think it’s a good description of the foods we source, since we’re always looking for exceptional products that enthrall our customers. Not everything we carry is Mitica® brand, yet we thought it important to have brand recognition.

As an importer, we are naturally more behind the scenes, but Mitica® helps to represent Forever Cheese in the marketplace, and puts a name to the selection and quality for which we are known. We simplified the Mitica® logo and added an element of fun and polish to our Mediterranean feel. As a brand, fun is at the core of everything we do, and we never pass up the opportunity to bring enjoyment to ourselves and our customers.

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Country of Origin Italy
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