Vinegar, Sherry, SPLIT, 750ml

This sherry vinegar is produced by a family-owned company in Jerez, Spain. They have made vinegar for 4 generations and make the best quality Sherry Vinegar in Spain. Most are produced using the Palomino grape. The regular sherry vinegar is aged for a minimum of 6 months in wood barrels before bottling.

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El Majuelo

Thanks to the quality of the exclusive vinegars that are produced in the Jerez (Sherry) region, in 2000 The Sherry Vinegar Denomination of Origin standard was created by the same organization responsible for the regulation of Sherry wines.

The Denomination of Origin Advisory Body oversees the production of Sherry wines, Manzanilla from San Lucar de Barramedia and Sherry vinegar.

The Sherry Vinegar Denomination of Origin was the first created in Spain for this type of product, with the twin objectives of maintaining its genuine character and guaranteeing its authenticity to customers.

Sherry vinegar is made from Sherry wines (100% Palomina Fina). It is protected by the Sherry Vinegar Denomination of Origin and created using the traditional ‘criaderas and soleras’ process of transferring vinegars from barrel to barrel over a period of many years to give the vinegar its unique character.

The vinegar is created by an acetic fermentation process as it ages slowly in American Oak barrels. The Sherry Vinegar Denomination of Origin closely controls all these processes.

In the nursery bodegas the vinegar is stored according to its age in American Oak barrels. The barrels are aligned in three or four levels making a series of steps. The lowest barrel or step is called ‘solera’ as it is nearest floor level or ‘el piso’.

This one contains the oldest vinegar. The next one up is called ‘primera criadera’ or the first nursery and contains a younger vinegar and the highest barrel is the ‘seconda criadera’ or the second nursery containing the youngest vinegar.

When the vinegar is ready for consumption it is always extracted from the ‘solera’ by means of a process called ‘saca’ meaning to ‘take off’. A small proportion of the vinegar is extracted from each ‘solera’ in the row.

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