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Certified Animal Welfare Approved by AGW

We are proud to partner with Blue Pepper Farm and to be recognized as the first distributor in NY to offer “certified animal welfare” sheep’s milk as approved by A Greener World.

A Greener World was established with a mission rooted in four simple components:

1) To identify and promote agricultural systems that have a positive impact on the environment, society and animals (wild and farmed)

2) To educate consumers about the environmental, social and animal outcomes of their food purchasing decisions

3) To establish and promote trusted farm certification programs that help reconnect the consumer and food producer by encouraging—and rewarding—positive farm management changes

4)To support independent farmers who are committed to sustainable livestock production As a long-time advocate of local producers, working with farmers such as those at Blue Pepper help us at Regional Access continue our mission of providing market access to producers and top-notch nutritional access to consumers with the ONLY AGW-certified sheep’s milk yogurt! In a time where it’s easy to feel voiceless and apathetic, smart choices in what we consume can lead to big industry wide change. Thanks to Blue Pepper Farm for helping lead the way!

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