You are currently viewing Van Smokey – A Small Batch Smokehaus in the Catskills

Van Smokey – A Small Batch Smokehaus in the Catskills

We have a smokin’ new product lineup that we think everyone needs to try, so for a limited time we are offering a sale on some of Van Smokey’s products. Buy 3 cases of jerky and get the 4th case free, or try a case of their smoked lemon syrup and get a case of their Bloody Mary mix free!

From his first smoker in Delaware, to experimenting in his Brooklyn apt on a little portable electric number, Jeff has smoked a lot of meats. After years of experimenting, he set up shop in the town and community that helped nurture his ideas and gave the product its first shot. Located in Livingston Manor, in the heart of the Catskill mountains, Van Smokey is dedicated to developing new products that are exciting to try and fun to create. After all, if you aren’t having fun, what’s the point?

At the heart of every Van Smokey product is smoke and the unmistakable flavor it adds. At the Van Smokey headquarters they are constantly exploring new ways to use smoke in their products. From their bloody hot bloody mary mix using smoked tomatoes and peppers to their mellow go maniac, smoked lemon syrup you can taste the time and effort put into all of their products. Their constant tinkering with smoke combined with ingredients sourced from local farms bring us a unique taste of the Catskills. Check out their whole lineup below, or shop from our store by heading here.

Thai One on Beef Jerky

Explore the intoxicating flavors of thailand in this, our most popular and complex flavor. Mint, basil, garlic, chili peppers, fish sauce and soy sauce combine to make for a delicious cocktail of exotic spices. Go ahead, have another.

Deep in the Red Beef Jerky

Hatch red chili’s from New Mexico create the sweet heat in the jerky sensation that is ‘deep in the red’. The hickory smoke is the perfect compliment to the southwestern style bbq rub. It’s deep – like intense, but also profound. It’s rich in flavor.

Breakfast in Bed Beef Jerky

Rise and jerky! This beef jerky comes in a bag just like all other jerky, so you can eat it in bed if you’d like. Unlike other jerky this unique dried wonder blends intense Columbian coffee and black pepper along with that van smokey smoke to give you a real wake-up call…

Jerky Jerky Beef Jerky

Jamaican jerk seasoned beef with the Van Smokey smoke. It’s got a little heat in there with the added chili peppers. Smoke, smoke.

Mellow Go Maniac Smoked Lemon Syrup

A smooth cocktail mixer that will make you go insane!

suggested recipe:
1 oz. mellow go maniac smoked lemon syrup
2 oz. your favorite spirit
shake violently with ice.
pour delicately into a special glass.
grip it and rip it.

Blood Hot Bloody Mary Mix

Perfectly spiced mixer that needs no dressing up

‘Ello guvna! are you knackered and need a little early morning pick-me-up? You’ll be gobsmacked by this smokey, intensely spicy bloody hot bloody mary. All other bloody’s are rubbish. We’re not trying to be cheeky, but this mixer is brilliant and definitely not a damp squib. Cheers!

Bonfire Smoked Habañero Hot Sauce

Blazing good hot sauce. 

The flames that come off this hot sauce are sure to keep you warm. We smoke fresh habanero peppers all day and then ferment them all month. The deliciously complex flavors make you want to stand a little closer, but watch out!

Camp Fire Smoked Jalepeno Hot Sauce

Your new everything hot sauce

We take jalapeño peppers and smoke them with applewood all day long. Then we take those peppers and ferment them for weeks. Then we add some fancy french apple cider vinegar and blend it all together. And just like with Van Smokey himself, it will get better with age. Enjoy on all the things.

Hoot-N-Tangy Wing Sauce

Smokey, spicy, tangy wing sauce

Van Smokey’s wing sauce know’s how throw a real hoot-n-tangy! get that wing party started by slathering a load of this jazz all over ‘em. It’s got the smoke, it’s got the heat, and it’s got the hoot and it’s got the tang.