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Labor Day 2018 Early Order Reminder

Monday holidays always require a little extra planning as many of our suppliers and customers take a well-deserved break. We ask that you place your order by 2pm today to ensure availability on your favorite items for next week.

As always, you can email with orders and additions or call us at 607.319.5150 x5.

Q. Why so early?
A. Just to be safe! We want to be sure you get all those fresh, made to order items like meat and dairy that you need for the holiday week. As always, you can add on stock items as often as you like in the days leading up to your delivery. We will always accommodate follow up orders!

Q. What about fresh local produce?
A. You can order produce up until 4pm Friday. We work hard to ensure you get the widest variety of the freshest possible produce, even on holiday weeks.

Q. Good to know, what should I make sure to buy this week?
A. How about taking advantage of a month-long sale on AquaViTea kombucha bottles? All your favorite Aqua ViTea kombucha flavors like Turmeric Sunrise, Blood Orange, and BlueBernie are on sale for $29.75/cs. Add some to your order today.

Have a wonderful holiday. If you have the day off, we encourage you to remember laborers the world over who fought (and died) for things like the 40 hour work week, child labor restrictions, a living wage, and health care. Fights that go on to this day.

If you enjoyed the image of striking dressmakers above, please check out more images that acknowledge and celebrate workers from the Kheel Center at Cornell University Library.

– The Team at Regional Access