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Red Gate Grocer August Update

There has been a LOT of new items from Red Gate Grocer since the spring launch of AHC certified free-range local eggs…

How many have you brought on?

This week is all about getting you caught up on the latest successes from Red Gate Grocer. We have NY pasture-raised duckchicken, and even turkey for Thanksgiving. And lest you think it’s just about poultry, we want to remind you about our 100% retail ready ground beefbacon, and sausage! There are SO MANY GREAT OPTIONS for retail, plus a whole animal processing program so restaurants and food service accounts can get great cuts every single week.

The roll out of an ever expanding line of local foods under the Red Gate Grocer banner is not going to stop. This fall, frozen liquid eggs for food service, new lamb SKU’s and so much more. We can’t wait and want your customers to be excited to.

Find out all the details by clicking here!

– The Team at Regional Access