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What do you think of Kimball Brook Farm?

We found a product we really love, and want to know what you think! We believe Kimball Brook Farm hits all the marks that make for a truly great offering, but the artful logistics needed to work with fresh dairy in Vermont are what we want to talk to you about.

  • All products are certified organic
  • All products are produced and packed in VT
  • Refreshing organic iced teas have an unsweetened option
  • Cream Top Whole milk is available
  • Beautiful packaging and reliable weekly production

Are you interested in these products? Some UNFI warehouses stock them but we can beat the 800lb gorillia’s pricing by picking up in Vermont (did you know Regional goes to Vermont each week?) and deliberately offering our customers a fair price. If you could get any and all of the Kimball Brook Farm products you wanted by ordering a week in advance, would you do it? What would it take to get these items into your store?

Please fill out the 3 question survey below and reach out to your Regional sales rep or email to talk further.

Kimball Brook Farm Survey from Regional Access

Thank you,

-The Team at Regional Access