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Place your Regional order online? It’s time.

Click here to answer a short 6 question survey and help determine what our new customer ​portal ​and ordering system looks like.

With our ever-changing mix of stock, fresh, made to order, and “can’t find it anywhere else” items that customers rely on us for, revamping our ordering system has been an intimidating project. But we know from your perspective change is long-overdue!

How many times have you tried to order “CH221” and gotten “CH212” instead? However many times an order error has happened, it surely feels like too many and it’s frustrating every single time it occurs. We want a system that our customers find useful and one that makes ordering from us easier than ever before.

Well, it’s finally time to make it happen, and we want your help. Please answer the questions as honestly as possible and with a little luck… plus your feedback… you will start seeing some really cool new choices for how you can interact with us soon.

– The Team at Regional Access