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Sbrinz AOP is known as the oldest European cheese–the grandfather to parmesan reggiano, the tyrosine crystals in this cheese are spectacular. To this day, it is still produced as it was then: from fresh raw milk in a closed cycle of Swiss dairies and producers. Because the Sbrinz cows eat only grass and hay, the cheese contains no artificial additives and is lactose-free. You should know this cheese…and rejoice!

Sbrinz AOP is an extra hard cheese and must ripen at least for 16 months. But it‘s full flavour only develops after about 2 years, which is the reason why our Sbrinz AOP will not be sold before a ripening time of 36 months. For this long period of maturing we need best quality. We therefore purchase it exclusively from cheesemaker Andreas Gut, Alp Chu¨eneren. Our Alpage Sbrinz AOP is furthermore produced after the strict specifications of Slow Food.

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About Gourmino


Gourmino belongs to the cheesemakers. Our skills lie in the affinage of long ripened cheeses made from raw milk. We use only the best quality cheeses selected from our own dairies. Our dairies are family businesses that use fresh milk supplied daily by local farmers. The cheese makers not only care passionately about their craft, they also have the necessary experience spanning years of excellent work and life in cheese. The sale of our products provides an inspiration for the future of our cheese makers and their families. All our work together embodies the highest representation of Swiss cheesemaking.

An uncompromising quality strategy is the basis for the affinage
of long-ripened raw-milk cheeses – that is our specialty.
Traditional handcraft, generations of experience, careful, local
processing of fresh raw milk, rich flowering pastures, and
milk from happy cows are the basis for the perfect quality of
the cheese – these are the values and traditions we want to maintain
and promote.

Gourmino is owned and operated by its cheesemakers.
We celebrate handcrafted cheeses from our own Switzerland Mountain and Village Dairies.
Our special talent is the cheese selection and affinage in our Emmental cellars and inside our Mountain Bunkers.
Our cheese selection always comes from the same Mountain and Village Dairies.
Our cheese provides unique stories and added values for the passionate cheese counter.
Gourmino’s common vision of “Cheese Crafted for the Connoisseur” is captured in the illustration on this card.

Ingredients Fresh unpasteurised milk produced by cows in the Alp Chüeneren and left to graze naturally (no silage).
Product Type Refrigerated
Country of Origin Switzerland
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