Bread Flour, Whole Wheat, Organic 25#

About Champlain Valley Milling

Champlain Valley Milling

Champlain Valley Milling is the largest 100 percent organic flour mill in New York state. The company’s products focus on organic flours and grains. They purchase local organic grains in New York, along with organic grains from Vermont as well as the Great Plains of the United States and western Canada. A large portion of the company’s business focuses on producing “white flour,” whole wheat flour and rye flour.

Among the whole grains produced by Champlain Valley Milling are wheat, rye and the ancient grains of spelt and emmer. Whole flours generated are whole wheat bread, whole wheat pastry, whole rye, whole pumpernickel, rye, whole spelt and whole emmer.

Product Type Dry
Country of Origin USA
Farm Name
MSRP 1.79
Barcode 87931201256


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