Classic White Bread, Gluten Free, Schar 8/14.1oz

Our Artisan Baker White bread is baked fresh, and crafted with sourdough, millet, quinoa, and honey. Never frozen, this bread is soft and irresistible!

About Schar


No matter what diet you follow, bread is probably one of the staples. Bread can be enjoyed at any meal, either as part of the main dish or even on its own. What makes it so delicious is the fact that it can be made with a variety of different flours which impart unique and delicious flavors – some breads even incorporate nuts, seeds, or even fruit to give the bread a little extra flavor and texture.

Followers of the gluten free diet often mourn the loss of bread. If you’re feeling that way, you’ll be glad to know you no longer have to! Schär Gluten Free offers a wide selection of gluten free breads including sliced sandwich breads, bread rolls, crisp breads, sweet breads, and more.

Ingredients Water, sourdough (rice flour, water), rice starch, corn starch, agave syrup, psyllium seed husk (vegetable fiber), sunflower oil, modified cellulose, soy protein, yeast, millet flour, citrus fiber, rice flour, sugar, quinoa flour, salt, corn flour, honey, guar gum, calcium citrate, niacin, iron, thiamin, riboflavin
Product Type Refrigerated
Country of Origin USA
Farm Name
Barcode 810757-010005


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