Huntsman, Double Gloucester w/Stilton, ~8# $/#

A combination of double Gloucester cheddar cheese and alternating inner layers of Stilton blue cheese. Gloucester cheese is English cheddar that historically was made only with the milk from Gloucester cows. The Stilton cheese is an English blue cheese that is made from the whole milk of cows. It may be aged four to five months and longer, becoming more flavorful with age. During the aging process it is pierced with stainless steel needles periodically to encourage the growth of mold that creates the yellow interior with blue-green veins and a crusty rind. Stilton is rich and creamy but a little crumbly, with a light tangy nutty flavor that becomes stronger with age. Gloucester Stilton is a highly valued cheese for its superior flavor that goes well with Port wines. The flavors of both cheeses complement each other to provide a distinctive tasting appetizer or dessert cheese to be served with beer, hard cider, or wine. This cheese is also referred to as Huntsman English Cheese or Double Gloucester and Stilton.

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About Thistle Hill

Product Type Refrigerated
Country of Origin Great Britain
Farm Name Thistle Hill


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