Iberico, 11-Bone Frenched Rib – (Chuletero) 6/~2.5# $/#

Iberico pork frenched racks (aka chuletero) are an impressive cut that can either be roasted whole or sliced into bone-in pork chops.  These 11-rib racks have had their bones frenched (cleaned of surface membranes and connecting meat) for a more elegant presentation.  They have also been cut in half in order to fit them into their vacuum bags, with each individually wrapped piece constituting ½ of a rack.

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About Aljomar


25 years ago, Don Alfonso Sánchez decided to write his own dream and put into practice the knowledge acquired from his childhood. This is how the Aljomar brand was born in Guijuelo, the fruit of the perseverance, effort and work of a family. Today the Aljomar brand is synonymous of quality and tradition, and perfectly combines craftsmanship with innovation. Only in this way is it possible to keep the flavor intact and to be able to share it with the most demanding palates of more than 30 countries.

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