Miso, Azuki Bean 1#

A South River exclusive! We believe this to be the only miso on earth made with the small red azuki beans, which are highly regarded for their nutritional and healing properties in Oriental medicine. Festive burgundy in color, this delicate miso is ideal for seasoning light soups, bean dishes, sauces, and salad dressings.

About South River Miso

South River Miso

We are a family owned, artisan miso company located at South River Farm in the foothills of the Berkshire Mountains in Conway, Massachusetts. We have been making hand crafted, wood fired, certified organic miso for over thirty years according to a centuries-old, Japanese farmhouse tradition. This is miso making practiced in a time-honored way in an atmosphere where careful food preparation is considered fundamental to the healing arts.

Ingredients Deep well water, lightly polished organic brown rice, organic azuki beans, sun-dried sea salt, organic sea vegetables and koji culture.
– No gluten or soy ingredients.
Product Type Refrigerated
Country of Origin USA
State MA
Farm Name
MSRP 11.49
Barcode 702230010131


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