Salchichon de Bellota 100% Iberico Presliced,(Nitrate Free) 10/70g

Salchichón is a dry-cured sausage similar to Italian salami. Coarsely chopped Ibérico pork meat is mixed with pork fat and spices to create a deeply savory, satisfying treat where the flavor of the pork really shines.

Our exceptional Dehesa Cordobesa® 100% purebred Ibéricos are now available in a presliced retail format. Varieties include Chorizo, Jamón, Lomo, Paleta, and Salchichón. All Dehesa Cordobesa® products are “de Bellota 100% Ibérico,” meaning they come from 100% purebred, acorn-fed Ibérico pigs. This is the highest possible classification of Ibérico meat, and is quite rare. Much more common are several lower quality categories that are still classified as Ibérico, but are non-free-range (Cebo) or only 50%/75% Ibérico. For our presliced meats, the pigs spend their last 3-4 months eating acorns until they reach the correct weight for slaughter. They roam freely within the nearly 1 million acres of dehesa (oak forest) in the Valle de los Pedroches in Córdoba. This dehesa is notable for its Encina Oak trees, which produce acorns considered to be the sweetest in Spain, giving the meat its unparalleled sweet and savory flavor.

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