Veal, Boneless Breast (11-rib), ABF Milk-fed 4/~10# $/#

Humanely Raised Canadian milk-fed veal, with an outstanding flavor and consistent quality.

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About Le Quebecois

Le Quebecois

Le Québécois grain-fed veal is never given antibiotics as a growth or preventative tool. Le Québécois calves are raised on a natural diet of corn, whole grains, milk-formula, and fresh water. This diet gives Le Québécois Grain-fed veal a pure and natural taste. Le Québécois farmers follow a strict animal welfare code. Their calves are raised in multi-animal corrals with excellent air circulation, natural sunlight and temperature control. The Le Québécois program is inspired by the European Five Freedoms.

The Le Québécois Veal traceability program tracks each calf’s movement from birth at the dairy to the retailer or restaurant.

Sustainable Agriculture involves…
…the successful management of agricultural resources to satisfy human needs while maintaining or enhancing environmental quality and conserving natural resources for future generations.

Le Québécois Veal farmers are committed…
…to sustainably managing the soil and water upon which their livelihood depends. The small farming families that raise Le Québécois calves depend on the land that they are intimately connected to.

Strict regulations are followed…
…to maintain responsible ecological practices regarding livestock husbandry, soil and water management, waste management, and the elimination of chemical and mineral surpluses. Le Québécois farmers adhere to stringent government regulations that prevent animal waste from contaminating ground water or the local ecosystem.

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