White Pastry Flour, Organic 25#

Made from Frederick soft white winter wheat, this flour has a protein content of 9-10%. The majority of the bran is sifted out, but the wheat germ (a concentrated source of nutrients) remains. Our white pastry flour lends a light texture with more character, flavor and creamy color than conventional pastry flour.

About Farmer Ground Flour

Farmer Ground Flour

Farmer Ground Flour is a team of conscientious friends working together to provide our community with fresh, organic, local, stoneground flour. We are committed to leading the growth of a sustainable grain economy. To this end, we farm, mill, teach and listen—bringing together the ancient triumvirate of farmer, miller and baker.

Our system consists of several stone mills running in sequence, which is designed to gradually and gently reduce the kernels into flour. Meadows Mills in North Carolina cut the 20-inch and 30-inch granite stones. The vertical stones run at relatively slow rpms, dividing the workload between different machines to reduce heat and physical pressure.

We farm and mill in New York State—not the arid west or vast fields of the former tall-grass prairie. Because of our climate and relatively small farms, producing organic grain of milling quality is a challenge. Similar to farmers markets, mills can be levers in building a regional food system. We are motivated to help New York State farmers step out of the volatile commodity market by building long-term relationships, and providing a stable price and consistent market.

Ingredients Approximately 9.5% protein.
Product Type Dry
Country of Origin USA
State NY
Farm Name
MSRP 1.79
Barcode 855942002717


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