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New CBD Product Lineup From Head & Heal

Head & Heal is committed to total transparency from seed to bottle; our farm is Certified Organic; our employees are paid living wages; and our products are ethically sourced and ethically priced. Live naturally!

In the rolling hills of Cortland, New York, you’ll find Main Street Farms, and tucked within the farm, you’ll find Head & Heal. Founded in 2017 by Karli Miller-Hornick and Allan Gandelman, Head & Heal is dedicated to creating carefully crafted botanicals to help clear your head and heal your soul!

Karli and Allan met at a Sustainable Farming Program — Allan was a passionate farmer struggling to deal with the debilitating symptoms of chronic Lyme disease; Karli had dedicated herself to helping small farms thrive and diversify but was struggling with severe anxiety. The standard pharmaceutical options available to them came with a whole host of unwanted side effects, and so they began looking for something better: CBD was the answer.

After experiencing its incredible restorative and healing potential firsthand, Karli and Allan set out on a mission to grow hemp and create safe, effective, and affordable remedies for anyone seeking a natural alternative to traditional healthcare.

Head & Heal has a wide range of products including: CBD oil, CBG & CGN oil, lotions, balms, capsules, pet CBD, and more! You can see our whole catalog of their products by heading here. If you would like to learn more about the benefits of CBD and all of these products, visit Head & Heal’s frequently asked questions page here.