Almond Milk, Original “Barista Series” 12/32oz

The only Almond beverage crafted to complement the flavor of coffee and espresso. It withstands the high heat of foaming and delivers consistently smooth, velvety micro-foam – perfect for latte art.

About Pacific Natural Foods

Pacific Natural Foods

When we opened our doors in 1987, Pacific set out to make healthier, better tasting foods without losing sight of the people we’re making them for, or this planet we call home.

When Pacific Foods was founded we chose to do things differently from other food companies. We began with time-honored recipes using simple ingredients from growers we trusted, and we adopted sustainable practices to ensure kinder treatment of people, animals, and the planet. Over the years we’ve found that there’s one thing we value above all else: nourishment.

We make our foods from carefully sourced, simple ingredients to nourish families, our community, and the environment so a brighter world can begin to take shape.

Simply put, we’re out to Nourish Every Body.

Three decades later, we’ve held steadfast to our core values and continue to make nourishing foods with authenticity. As a business, we measure Pacific’s success by more than company profits. Our sense of achievement is also shaped by our impact on people and the planet.

We continue to evolve on our journey to Nourish Every Body focusing on:

Sourcing pure, organic, and quality ingredients
Creating simple recipes
Enriching communities
And following sustainable practices.

Ingredients Almond base (water, almonds), Dried cane syrup, Carrageenan, Potassium citrate, Sodium citrate, Sea salt, Sunflower lecithin.
Product Type Dry
Country of Origin USA
Farm Name
Barcode 152603043127


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