Mahon Reserve, Raw Milk, (12 month) 2/~7# S/O $/#

An aged version of the most famous cheese from the Balearic Islands. Mahon Reserva is a square-shaped cheese with a characteristic burnt orange rind and deep yellow firm paste. Cheesemaker Pedro, with whom we’ve been working over 20 years, takes his cow’s milk cheese and rubs it in olive oil as it ages for 1 year, creating a not too dry, smooth cheese with some piquancy in the finish. While full-flavored, the taste is balanced and accessible. Excellent for grating and shaving over pasta or salads.

A DOP cow’s milk cheese from Minorca in the Balearic Islands, Mahon has been made since Roman times. The milk is semi-cured and thermalized, not pasteurized. Pale yellow in color with numerous eyes in the cheese, this 3-4 month-aged cheese has a characteristic orange rind.

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