In the autumn of 1963, Charles “Charlie” Debach, a native of Berwick Pennsylvania, realized his dream of opening a butcher shop in the village of Leona, just outside of Troy, Pennsylvania. Little did he know that what began as a one-room, the two-employee facility would continue to grow and still be serving the community nearly 60 years later.

Leona Aerial 1967 1 300×204 – Our StoryCharlie, who gained his meat-cutting expertise working alongside skilled butchers in New York City’s meat-packing district, first began using his facility to butcher, cut and freezer wrap cull cows for the local dairy farmers. Always the entrepreneur, he soon after began a wholesale business, supplying beef and pork to area grocery stores and restaurants.

With the addition of a storefront in 1973, Leona Meat Plant developed its retail business, providing freshly-cut meat and their famous Hickory Smoked Hams and Bacon which are still popular sellers today!

With over 100 years of experience between them, it is these brothers’ dedication to providing quality products and friendly service to the Troy community and beyond that has kept them in business for so long.

More recently, Leona Meat Plant has had a pivotal role in the sustainable food movement as an organic and animal-welfare-certified custom processor for countless small farmers. But while their primary focus may have changed with the years, their dedication to quality and customer relationships remains the same. And one thing is for sure: they wouldn’t still be here without the support of their valued customers!

Looking forward, Leona Meat Plant hopes to continue to provide service for the surrounding communities and to stay true to the slogan that that Charlie coined over 50 years ago: “Quality is Why We are Here!”

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