Founded in 2011, brand Arya aims to bring genuine, high-quality innovative organic food to you. With an increase in the number of organic farmers, we intend to bridge the gap between the demand for organic food and organic farmers. We are also deeply committed to product innovations in the organic market and believe strongly in product research and thorough testing before releasing it in the market.

We engage with our organic farming community to procure the best quality and fresh organic produce. We handpick our farmland partners with utmost care. Hence, our commitment is not limited to ‘procuring the produce from the farmers at a fair value’ alone, but also to encourage them to adopt sustainable, eco-friendly farming practices.

In India, the process for Organic Certification and Validation is administered and monitored by APEDA through standards NPOP ( National Programme for Organic Production) and similarly in Europe and USA through standards NOP/USDA (National Organic Program). Arya’s products and processes are certified by both NPOP as well as NOP/USDA.