Early Bird Farmers Cooperative is a farmer-owned enterprise that was established in 2017 by and for farmers to market certified organic and specialty eggs from pasture-raised hens that live in humane conditions.

The members of Early Bird Farmers Cooperative started meeting to identify shared-solutions for common challenges faced by organic and sustainable family farms raising hens for egg production. In recent years, organic foods have become more common-place, entering mainstream markets, and at long-last organic eggs are within closer reach for the general public. At the same time, the natural foods market has become more commercialized and competitive. Like many natural foods businesses, outside investors have taken majority ownership of some organic egg production companies seizing upon growth in the sector with a goal of maximizing profits for investors, resulting in organic farmers feeling the squeeze, while processors and investors enjoy increased profitability.

The Co-op bears the promise of bringing organic agriculture back to its roots to live and farm with integrity and do business in a manner that is self-sustaining and respectful to consumers, farmers, animals, and the Earth. Farmers identified the co-op business model as a mechanism to cooperatively and ethically vertically integrate their production while diversifying and expanding their markets. This model will ensure that farmers get a sustainable rate of return for their eggs and that their rural communities will be supported, invested in, and nurtured. Members see investing in the co-op as building a legacy for their children and future generations.