The best in breaders, batters & breadcrumbs

Uniquely formulated to deliver consistent plate appeal, incredible crunch and superior flavor. Golden Dipt has long been the leader in breadings and coatings. Hand-crafted doesn’t have to be complicated. Our breadings, batters, breadcrumbs and baking mixes help chefs create scratch-quality dishes in less time, with minimal waste and prep – all while maintaining the integrity of the fry oil. Golden, Crispy, flavorful dishes are simply a dip away.

Golden Dipt Pre-Dip is a game changer. It offers 50% more cost savings versus traditional milk and egg wash while making your food look and taste incredible. Pre-Dip delivers consistent, even coverage while maximizing breading adhesion and eliminating any potential contamination from raw eggs.

Golden Dipt Pre-dip offers 50% more cost savings versus traditional egg wash, and it will make your foods look and taste incredible. Now, you can see it AND believe it. Pre-dip is easy to use, and because it does not contain raw eggs, there’s no risk of contamination.