From day one our mission has never changed:
To make good things for and with good people.

The ways in which we accomplish this goal have expanded across the continent, been invented and reinvented as needed, and embraced the supply chain more fully than ever. With each step, the roots of our original mission continue to grow.

We began in 1986 as a small oat milling company in Oregon. With an eye for finding the right fit at the right time, we have grown steadily ever since. Today, Grain Millers is a leading international agri-business with diversified interests in whole grain manufacturing and merchandising, organic and conventional consumer food products, and the import and export of commodities.

Even though we have grown exponentially since our beginnings, we are still passionate about each and every link in the supply chain. Being a leader brings responsibility, something we don’t take lightly. That’s why we never stop looking for new ways to enhance the safety, quality, and delivery of ingredients, from the field to the table.

Through it all, we have held true to the values inherent in our humble beginnings. We are still committed stewards of our industry, still seeking new ways to add value whenever and wherever possible, and still believing that partnership is the only way to do business. Our goal has remained the same: To make good things for and with good people.