Poor Devil reinvents the capabilities of flavor through fermentation. We take hot sauce to the next level by utilizing the microbes found in organically grown peppers to create complex, probiotic, umami rich foods through our fermentation process. No additives, no vinegar. Nothing but fresh, organic vegetables.

There is a natural collaboration between soil and the microbes needed to grow flavorful foods and to regenerate the land they come from. We work with grower partners that value organic farming practices and are focused on regenerative agriculture. We are for the people and for the only planet we’ve got.

Everything we do is focused on going beyond sustainability with an emphasis on zero waste. We are constantly developing new processes to fulfill our zero waste initiative.

Much like the community of cultures in our fermented hot sauces we collaborate with our community to help grow culture. Through this collaboration we bring our branding, packaging, and merchandise to life. Working within our community of fellow fermenters, food industry allies and mission aligned friends is at the heart of who we are as a company.

Poor Devil is Laura Webster + Jared Schwartz. Webster is the marketing head behind the company and carries that PMA into all of the Poor Devil projects. Schwartz has spent years perfecting his fermented recipes and is constantly working on new R&D projects all while designing each season’s merch releases. But Poor Devil is so much more than Laura + Jared. It’s the community that’s grown from the crazy fermented hot sauce idea 5 years ago.