We always dreamed of creating a product that was inspired by our combined love for the Hudson Valley and New York City as well as our commitment to health and well-being. Our mission is to bring natural wellness to everyone, and we are extremely proud to produce organic and raw kombucha in Upstate New York.

After years of city-dwelling, we found ourselves yearning for brisk air, tree-lined mountains, and a more natural and adventurous life… so we looked north. Philippe, an accomplished fashion designer, and Julian, an artist and digital media specialist, fell in love with the Hudson Valley. Upstate became home, and it was there that our lives would change forever.

Our commitment to health took on a whole new meaning in 2016 when Julian was diagnosed with neurological Lyme disease, a debilitating and commonly misdiagnosed disease that affects an estimated 427,000 people each year.

Thorough research led us to discover that 70-80% of our immune tissue lies within the digestive tract, so we decided to get serious about gut health.

Powered by Seek North- Dean & DeLuca 2018-2019 collab.
Powered by Seek North- Dean & DeLuca 2018-2019 collab.

While Philippe had already been a budding kitchen alchemist, he started to turn his attention to fermented foods—specifically kombucha, due to its rich probiotic content. Persistence and countless kitchen experiments eventually resulted in an unadulterated kombucha that is completely raw, unfiltered, and full of probiotics that promote gut health. By concentrating on gut health, switching to a plant-based diet, and adopting a healthier lifestyle, we were able to manage Julian’s fight with Lyme disease.

Seek North had their first big opportunity in 2018 when Julian offered some extra kombucha to a client of his—the Director of Digital Marketing at Dean & DeLuca. In a fortuitous turn of events, some of that kombucha ended up in the hands of the beverage buyer. A partnership was born, and soon there were about two dozen flavors of their product on tap at every Dean & DeLuca location in NYC. Within a few months, three definite fan favorites emerged, and those ended up bottled and on the shelves. Those same three flavors are now available through over 200 retailers all over New York State and the Northeast.

Seek North Kombucha is filled with living, vibrant energy. We are here to help you thrive, be healthy, and live with awareness and appreciation… and of course to share our love of where we live. We hope you enjoy Seek North Kombucha just as much as we love making it.

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