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Bakeries Trust Regional Access

Our love of all things baked goods combined with our expertise in sourcing the best ingredients, has connected us with bakeries throughout the Northeast Region.  We appreciate the trust that they put in us and more importantly we appreciate in the deliciousness that they put out for us to enjoy.  Here are a few of the local bakeries we take pride in partnering with:

They are a community-focused bakery located in Trumansburg, NY. They work closely with their partners- Oechsner Farms and Farmer Ground Flour- to make great breads from local organic grains. 

When Austin Hall started baking bread in New York City, he did it alone. Literally, he was alone—working solo, overnight, at Andrew Tarlow’s Italian spot Roman’s in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, to develop the restaurant’s bread program. Eventually Hall outgrew the space and its wood-fired oven, both of which were better suited for a restaurant kitchen rather than a full-fledged bakery. So, Tarlow and Hall decided to create She Wolf Bakery, with the aim being to supply the restaurateur’s mini-empire with everything from burger buns to baguettes.

Bread Alone is a family-owned, values-driven bakery. They have been baking with organic grains since our first loaf in 1983, and we continue to do so today. Our purpose is to serve honest food, create prosperity for our people, and minimize further harm to the planet. We aspire to set an example, to reach more people with our actions than we can feed with our foods.

Molly Hartley and Kate Cassels are the duo that created Scratch Bakeshop. The pair formed their dynamic partnership in 2013 while working together at a local bakery. With experience in the culinary and design worlds, Today, Hartley strives to give Rochester a taste of something new and exciting. Custom and special event sweets are their forte, along with creating allergen-free offerings that are sure to delight any and all palates.