Beef, Boneless Minute Steak, ~1# $/#

Some call them minute steaks, some cube steaks, some even call them Salisbury steaks, but whatever your colloquialism is, these little tender cuts from the sirloin are a quick cook that are as versatile as they are tasty. Ever tried using them in a Pho or Ramen? Well, you should. The little cooking time they require make them a perfect choice. Leaning towards something more Sunday sports fan style? The thin-ness of these cuts will give you a homemade Philly Cheesesteak sandwich that will take you back to the heydays when the Flyers won the Stanley Cup back in ’77.

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About Red Gate Grocer

Red Gate Grocer

High quality, beautifully packaged food at a great value.
The brand was created with the goal of providing its customers with a variety of products from diverse categories as well as from multiple farms; with the security of knowing each item is going to be of great quality and have appealing packaging. Having a brand umbrella under which to coordinate the efforts of various farms and suppliers will allow small producers to have access to things like GS1 certified UPC codes, marketing materials, and of course… loyal and knowledgeable customers like you.

Red Gate Grocer has a passion and a responsibility to seek out and provide food with integrity from local small providers and farmers. Our desire is to enable small farms who practice the right farming methods an opportunity to sell to a wider audience and be able to stay in business doing the right thing for their family and the land. To you, our customer, we want to bring you the best, the freshest, the highest quality food our local foodshed can provide at a good price and in a convenient manner.

Product Type Frozen
Country of Origin USA
State PA
Farm Name Jenkin’s Beef
MSRP 16.25


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