Beef, Skirt Steaks, Black Angus, 100% Grassfed – SINGLE ~10oz. $/#

A Peeled product for an amazing yeild.

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About Silver Fern Farms

Silver Fern Farms

Silver Fern Farms is supplied by approximately 16,000 family farmers across New Zealand — and each one of those farmers knows that raising flavorful, high-quality red meat requires more than just expertise and hard work. It requires care, passion, and respect, and those values play a role in every part of our business.

Our goal is to provide you with exceptional red meat, but we make it a priority to do so responsibly. That’s why we follow the principles of the five freedoms for animal welfare and implement initiatives to minimize our environmental impact. It’s why we’re a founding member — and the only red meat company — to join New Zealand’s Climate Leaders Coalition. When you buy from Silver Fern Farms, you’re not just buying delicious red meat — you’re buying into the humane treatment of livestock, sustainability, and a community of independent farmers.

They say that the vineyards of New Zealand are the first in the world to see the sun each day — and the same applies to the animals of Silver Fern Farms. Our cattle, sheep, and red deer bask in abundant rays of sunshine as they roam our pastures, which encompass everything from rolling foothills to glacially carved valleys and sweeping plains. They graze on hearty grasses and lush clover, which sprout from New Zealand’s rich, volcanic soil. They drink water sourced from pristine lakes and bubbling streams, and breathe in the fresh, salty air from the coasts.

This temperate, maritime climate and diverse terrain is famous for producing some of the most vibrant, elegant sauvignon blancs in the world — but not many people realize that it also makes for some of the most flavorful meat in the world. At Silver Fern Farms, we like to say that our beef, lamb, and venison are like the finest New Zealand wines: rich and bright in flavor with delicately herbaceous notes, a tender, velvety texture, and fantastic marbling. And much like when you take a sip of a Marlborough sauvignon blanc, you’ll taste New Zealand itself whenever you take a bite of our red meat.

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Country of Origin New Zealand
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