Cherries, Maraschino, Luxardo 3kg

Maraschino cherries go back to their Italian roots. Produced in Luxardo, Italy, these cherries are nothing like the bright red orbs you find in cocktails from workaday bars. Dense and chewy with a sweet-tart flavor, these maraschino cherries are made with prized sour marasca cherries preserved in the fruit’s famed liqueur. They’ll take your Manhattan (or Shirley Temple) to new heights and are also delicious spooned with their rich syrup over ice cream or cheesecake.

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About Luxardo


Such variety was first selected by GIORGIO LUXARDO with the help of Professor Morettini from the University of Florence. The selection lasted several years and led to a fruit which was particularly suitable for industrial use. Smaller in size and richer in juice, “MARASCA LUXARDO” is now cultivated in modern orchards spread throughout the north-eastern part of Italy, constantly overseen by the Luxardo company. Since the LUXARDO FAMILY controls the entire production process of its specialties from raw material to bottling, new “Marasca Luxardo” orchards have recently been planted to cope with the growing request for Luxardo Maraschino Originale around the world.

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