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This new cheese is crafted from nettle – one of springs first sprouting wild plants, along with a blend of chives, celery, parsley, onion, and garlic. It’s a refreshing awakening to your winter-worn palate. But distinct flavor isn’t the only thing that sets this cheese apart. Flecks of dark green blend with our classic creamy yellow Baby Gouda for a unique textured visual appeal.

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About Jake's Gouda

Jake's Gouda

Jake’s Gouda Cheese began with a simple idea – that well crafted food is inherently good. Something about it just makes you feel… well, good. and Jake thought he could bring this goodness to Gouda Cheese. You see, true Gouda needs to breathe and most of what he could find locally was sealed so tight it was if the goodness had squeezed right out.

So, with the help of his wife Sylvia, they embarked on a new adventure. With milk sourced from their own dairy farm in Deansboro, New York, Jake began creating cheese in the Dutch tradition. Still handmade in Upstate NY, Jake’s cheese has it’s roots in Holland. It’s turned daily on pine planks to ensure uniform age and perfection for at least sixty days and it’s covered with a cream coating instead of a wax seal. It’s also a raw milk cheese – no high temp pasteurization here. The results? One of New York’s finest traditional style Gouda cheeses.
Now, the Gouda goodness is spreading with Jake’s current three styles: baby, aged, and smoked. Jake’s Gouda even placed fourth in the US for the Gouda Cheese category at the World Champion Cheese contest. Not too bad for the first year!

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