Impastata, Ricotta 10#

Ricotta Impastata cheese is considered by many cheese vendors to be the “”Cadillac”” of the ricotta cheeses. Unlike most ricottas, the Impastata Ricotta is whipped to achieve a smooth, creamy consistency, much like that of butter. It is known for its velvety texture and its sweet, delicate flavor.
The Ricotta Impastata cheese has a number of uses in cooking, and is prized by gourmets in an assortment of dishes. It is most commonly used as a filling in a variety of Italian dishes, including ravioli and manicotti. It is also used in cannolis and several other Italian pastries. On top of having the sweet, light flavor and creamy whipped consistency of butter, Ricotta Impastata also has the lowest water content of any ricotta cheese.

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Ingredients Pasteurized whole milk, whey, vinegar and salt. CONTAINS MILK
Product Type Refrigerated
Country of Origin USA
State NJ
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