San Pellegrino Water, Lemon, Cans 24/12oz

Limonata is Zesty and lemony on the tongue and the palate, with a full, pleasant and intense taste. Made with the finest lemons, sun-ripened in the South of Italy, Limonata is a real thirst-quenching beverage. Rich in juice, Limonata has a very fresh, tart taste, to be enjoyed chilled.

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About San Pellegrino

San Pellegrino

Two simple words, that when put together, stand for our origin. Italy – a country that immediately suggests passion, authenticity and togetherness, but also the natural inclination towards beauty and style. Two words to introduce a dimension full of taste: of course, the unmistakable taste of S.Pellegrino, with its gentle bubbles and fine mineral balance. But from a wider perspective, it’s the idea of living life in good taste, seen as the Italian sense of style and quality. This is S.Pellegrino Sparkling Natural Mineral Water, the stylish Italian sparkling mineral water, that with its incomparable sense of taste and Italianity is able to enhance every moment.

S.Pellegrino is not only a Sparkling Natural Mineral Water. The water’s natural origins and unique taste, combined with the brand’s 100+ years of experience and active promotion of fine dining culture, confirm its leadership in the world of top-notch cuisine. Along with Acqua Panna Natural Spring Water, its equally excellent counterpart, S.Pellegrino transforms any meal into a unique and memorable dining experience.

Product Type Dry
Country of Origin Italy
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MSRP 1.5
Barcode 041508-800747


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