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Ithaca Express, A New Service From Regional Access

Have you seen this beauty cruising around town yet? We hope to see it parked in front of your business soon! (We are all itching to take it out for a spin).

Effective immediately, we are instituting a new service for all Ithaca area customers–order any in-stock item by 10am and receive delivery the same day–order any in-stock item by 3pm and receive it the next day before 1pm. No minimum. Period.

We understand firsthand the unpredictability of these times, and the challenge of ordering the correct amount to maintain a stock of fresh and quality food. With the express service, we are hoping to ease this burden on our friends in the Ithaca market.

Run out of an item late last night? Need one last ingredient for a special? Looking for fresh meat or produce last minute? We have our fellow Ithacans covered, order by 10am and you will see us the same day, and no minimum order required! (Riding in style If I do say so myself).

We are hoping to be a valuable resource to our community as we sort through these uncertain times. Let us handle the logistical headache so you can do what you do best, feed us and feed us well.