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It’s Tomato Season!

Fresh local tomato season is finally upon us and we have a great selection of organic tomatoes to choose from. One we would like to highlight is an artisan grilling mix from Plowbreak Farm in Burdett, NY. It features a mix of firm textured colored cocktail tomatoes, perfect for kabobs and grilling, will hold up to heat and last for weeks with or without refrigeration. Amazing taste and texture!

More local organic tomato options from Plowbreak Farm include: cherry “toy box”, green beefsteak, Cherokee purple heirloom (favorite), pineapple yellow striped heirloom, and an heirloom tomato mix.

We also have have cherry mix pulp pints, and sun-gold cherry pulp pints from our favorite neighbor Stick and Stone Farm.

Last but certainly not least we are selling a ten pound heirloom tomato mix from Remembrance Farm in Trumansburg, NY.

Get your local organic tomatoes today by heading to our store, and if you would like to see all of our current seasonal produce you can head here.