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New Line of Iberico Pork Products

Earlier this week we announced the exciting arrival of some amazing protein lines from one of our newest partners—Marx Imports. While we are proud of the local and regional offerings in our book, and will continue to champion the quality and sustainability found in our Red Gate Grocer line, the folks at Marx have done a world class job developing relationships with groups of family farms from around the globe—creating programs unrivaled in their quality, reliability and accessibility.

Because we just couldn’t resist—Spanish Iberico pork—the Wagyu of pork, this legendary breed possesses superb eating qualities and we are pleased to offer some of the ‘lesser’ cuts at prices that make this delicacy accessible for any menu. Collar, belly, spareribs, frenched ribs, shoulder, striploin, to name a few of the reasonably priced cuts we offer in an attempt to introduce you to the world of Iberico Pork. High intramuscular fat provides its exquisite marbling, and a feed diet based on acorns makes the taste one-of-a-kind.

Can’t resist? Contact your sales rep to request a sample or to place an order—you will not be disappointed. To see all of our Iberico pork cuts visit our store here.