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New! Silver Fern Farms Grass-Fed Beef

We’re excited to announce the arrival of some amazing protein lines from one of our newest partners—Marx Imports. While we are proud of the local and regional offerings in our book, and will continue to champion the quality and sustainability found in our Red Gate Grocer line, the folks at Marx have done a world class job developing relationships with groups of family farms from around the globe—creating programs unrivaled in their quality, reliability and accessibility.

The first is from Silver Fern Farms—a cooperative of small to mid-size family farms in New Zealand—growing 100% Grass Fed, Verified Black Angus beef. Their program is one-of-a-kind—graded on color, fat and pH to ensure flavorful, tender beef—and packed in chef friendly, attractive retail-ready packaging. We will continue to advocate for our local farmers, but would be remiss in not providing access to this unique, flavorful, and well treated beef.

Is your mouth watering yet? Contact your sales rep to request a sample or to place an order—you will not be disappointed. To see all of our cuts from Silver Fern Farms, head here.