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New “Snapchilled” Coffee

Coming from an industry that is fueled by caffeine and always on the go, we are excited to introduce “snapchilled” coffee cans from our newest partner, Copper Horse Coffee!

This coffee has been brewed hot and made cold in seconds utilizing Elemental Beverage Company’s Snapchill Technology. This process allows them to brew full strength coffees and make them cold without losing any complexities of flavor and without any dilution, oxidation, preservatives or additives.

They are a small-batch coffee roastery and tasting room in Ithaca, NY, specializing in fantastic fresh crop specialty coffees from around the world. Their coffees are sourced through transparent and sustainable partnerships with coffee farmers, exporters, and importers. Then, the coffees are meticulously roasted in small 10-20lb batches, and handpicked to highlight the inherent nuances within each bean including their variety, process, density and terroir. Oh, and they pay a living wage too!

Their snapchilled coffee currently is offered in two flavors:

Seahorse Blend – When it’s just too hot for that morning cup, splash down beneath the surface with this summer blend optimized for cold consumption. Unlock the ultra-refreshing notes of raspberry, strawberry and lemonade.

Carriage House Blend – Carriage House is a balanced, chocolatey, sweet and round blend. It remains accessible as a regular morning cuppa, but with a dash of refinement that calls to mind earlier days of equine transportation.

We have both unique flavors available in 24/12 oz. cans. Grab a case today (before our drivers get them all) by heading here.