Chicken, Whole, Frozen 10/~3.5#

Frozen, Random Weight Whole chickens. 10 x 3-4# birds

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About Mountaire


At Mountaire we use every part of the chicken. We process about 8.5 million lbs. of inedible chicken products weekly, resulting in 1,350 tons of finished poultry meals and fats each week. These products are used in animal and aquaculture feeds and as organic fertilizers. Our facility is one of the best designed, built, and operated Resource Recovery Plants in the United States, with the most energy efficient and advanced environmental systems in the industry.

As an industry, we’ve made great strides in reducing our environmental impact. According to the National Chicken Council, producing the same amount of chicken today has 50 percent less impact on the environment compared to 50 years ago.

75% fewer resources required in poultry production
36% reduced impact of poultry production on greenhouse gas emissions
72% decrease in farmland used in poultry production
58% decrease in water used in poultry production

We’ve been a leader in finding ways to reduce waste, and we were the first chicken company to utilize our environmentally-friendly packaging method. We recognize growers who take pride in reducing their environmental impact. The chicken industry has never been more sustainable, and we take pride in our efforts to meet this need.

Product Type Frozen
Country of Origin USA
State PA
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