Jabugo Jamón Ibérico (Ham) Boneless (Huelva) S/O 1/~7# $/#

This is Jamón de Bellota 100% Ibérico, the highest classification of acorn-fed, purebred Ibérico ham. It is DOP Jabugo, a region of Jamón Ibérico with great prestige. The flavor is pleasantly sweet with lots of complexity and butterscotch flavor. The rich fat melts in the mouth. This is a skinless and boneless ham that is ideal for those wanting to reduce waste.

Our Jamón de Jabugo comes from Huelva, a region that is home to some fantastic jamón due to its unique location and climatic conditions that are ideal for aging ham. Our producer is a cooperative that has been making ham for over 80 years. Their aging cellars are filled with special microflora which guarantee the unique aroma and taste. They use traditional, slow methods of production. Their purebred Ibérico pigs feed exclusively on acorns and herbs that they forage in the dehesa (oak forest) during their last 3 months.

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