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Revolutionary Non-Dairy

Regional Access has another great new product for you. Elmhurst’s avant-garde, proprietary, and disruptive ‘nut milking’ technology produces beverages with up to 4x more nutritive value without any additives. Elmhurst’s revolutionary process, combined with a world-class consumer education plan, has successfully positioned itself as the next break-out brand in the evolution of plant-based, milk alternatives.

Consumers are amazingly creative and Elmhurst Milked is giving them a tool–a true new milk–that can be used one-on-one as a replacement for dairy milk. These products represent a new era and a chance for people who have loved the nutritional value of dairy milk to easily get their nutrition from plant milk.    – Dr. Cheryl Miller

The possibilities are endless! Since we are sweating through summer in upstate New York we have been drinking lots of cold-brew coffee. And what turns a summer time drink into a beverage experience is adding some of Elmhurst’s amazing Milked Hazelnuts; a delicious, irresistibly creamy, lactose free, vegan alternative to dairy. Each of the 4 launch SKU’s have their own unique properties, ready to be blended at your juice bar, poured into cold coffee drinks, and used as an ingredient in a wide variety of dishes.

Want more great ideas on how to use Elmhurst to ignite your dairy case? Check out their recipe page here, and be sure to tag any of your own creations with #elmhurst1925

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July 2017, Elmhurst Nutmilks Introduction

– The Team at Regional Access