Boursin, Herb S/O 12/5oz

Make your next celebration special with this elegant blend of delicate garlic and herbs, artfully added to Boursin’s authentic Gournay Cheese base.

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About Boursin


The story of the now famous Boursin Cheese started with one man, François Boursin. In 1957, this young Normandy cheesemaker opened a cheese factory in Croisy-sur-Eure, a small community nestled in northern France.

François worked quietly for years trying to perfect his signature cheese. However, in 1961 a French newspaper mistakenly reported the launch of Boursin infused with garlic, and the public loved the idea. The problem was that François had no such recipe in the works, but he quickly got to work to meet the public’s demand. For two years, he worked on his own original recipe inspired by fromage frais, a traditional party dish blended that blends garlic, fresh cream, soft cheese, herbs, salt and pepper.

Finally, in 1963, François was satisfied with his authentic Gournay cheese and garlic creation, and he introduced it to the world. Boursin Garlic & Fine Herbs Cheese was served at celebrations and gatherings throughout France, and it quickly became a household name.

Over fifty years after François first created his creamy and crumbly cheese, Boursin continues to be a part of social occasions and friendly gatherings. It has transformed the fresh cheese-spread market in more than 35 countries on five different continents.

Currently, Boursin Cheese is available in the original Garlic & Fine Herbs, as well as varieties of Pepper, Shallot & Chive, Basil & Chive, Cranberry & Spice and Red Chili Pepper.

Ingredients Cultured pasteurized milk and cream, granulated garlic, salt, white pepper, parsley, chives*. *Dried
Product Type Refrigerated
Country of Origin France
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