Buttermilk 16/32oz

About Pittsford Farms Dairy

Pittsford Farms Dairy

Pittsford Farms Dairy is located on North Main Street in the heart of the historic village of Pittsford. The landmark dairy property traces its origins back to 1814 when Samuel Hildreth built his home and established a stagecoach operation and livery business.

In the 1860s, the farm was acquired by prominent Rochester businessman and politician Jarvis Lord. Lord combined three farms resulting in the “S” in the Dairy’s current name. Lord eventually sold the farm to the Hawley family who founded the dairy operation in 1888. During the Hawley’s tenure, the farm received national recognition for its introduction of scientific agriculture and outstanding herds of Jersey cattle and Shetland ponies.

Since 1946, the dairy has been owned and operated by the Zornow/Corby family. The dairy’s current retail store and modern processing plant, carefully designed to blend with its historic setting, opened in 2012. Today, local farms provide the raw milk used in all of the dairy’s milk and ice cream.

Product Type Refrigerated
Country of Origin USA
State NY
Farm Name
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