Yogurt, Sheep’s Milk, Maple, Glass Jar 12/15oz

Smooth and delicious maple sheep’s milk yogurt in glass jar. Certified by Animal Welfare Approved.
Tyler and Shannon Eaton started Blue Pepper Farm in Jay, NY in 2012. It was the culmination of Tyler’s passion and study of ecological sustainability and systems thinking and Shannon’s love of farming and working with animals. The dream was born out of wanting to put down roots in the Adirondack Mountains, create meaningful work, and play an integral role in their local community. The farm has been a slow evolution as the two figured out what grew well on the land, what work they most enjoyed, and what niche could be filled in the local market. Sheep were brought onto the farm in 2012, the dairy was started in 2016, followed by the construction of a farmstead creamery in 2020. Tyler and Shannon now process their own milk into impossibly creamy sheep milk yogurt. They also produce lamb, yarn, tanned sheepskins, eggs and pork on their 86 acre farm.

About Blue Pepper Farm

Blue Pepper Farm

Blue Pepper Farm is a small, human-scale sheep dairy. We also produce wool products and lamb skins along with excellent lamb, sheep’s milk yogurt, pork, and eggs. We are certified “Animal Welfare Approved” and we are a “Farmer’s Pledge” farm vowing to adhere to organic practices. All feed purchased off-farm is certified organic from here in NY. We have high standards for animal welfare and responsible stewardship of our land. The resulting quality of our products is a true testament to the passion with which we grow this food for ourselves and our neighbors. Our ultimate goal is to produce the highest quality sheep’s milk and the most flavorful meats you’ve ever tasted and we believe the best way to attain this is to respect the interconnectedness of our soil, our pastures, our animals’ health and happiness, and our health and happiness.

Ingredients Fresh whole sheeps milk, maple syrup, probiotic live yogurt cultures.
Product Type Refrigerated
Country of Origin USA
State NY
Farm Name Blue Pepper
MSRP 11.99
Barcode 44216996186


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